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>> >> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> had this long been in place when brett was a messenger on that party bus, we would not be standing here today.
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>> it is too late to save her son but a mother says that she approves of the crackdown on so- called party bus. good afternoon never won i am frank mallicoat >> i michele griego. the parents say that they're proud of regulation signed into law. the young man died after a night of drinking on a bus and the new rules that take effect in january might have prevented his death. colgan reports. >> i am feeling that it is just such a privilege to stand here, and to honor him in this way. >> pour this family, the assembly bill needed a son's honor will allow him to live on. >> he was always very proud i think. he is feeling very proud right now. and, we feel his presence all the time. >> he was killed when he crashed to score on highway 101 after
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hours of drinking on the party bus. he was only 19. >> the message from this legislation is that the party is over, the booze cruise, needs to stop. our youth are much too valuable, much too valuable. for this to go on. >> the bill was signed into law on sunday, state lawmakers hope that it will crack down on underage drinking on the so- called booze cruise. the new law puts strict rules on the bus companies, first must determine alcohol and miners will be present. >> bus drivers will be required to terminate the trip if they determined that under aged drinking is occurring. the group on the bus will be required to have a chaperon on board over the age of 25, to ensure that under age drinking is not occurring. >> before the law only limousine drivers and companies were held accountable and believe sums party bus companies took it into
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this. >> they knew that they had no responsibility and there were no sanctions that could come if they did anything that was out of the ordinary. >> that could change with tougher penalties, companies could lose their license and bus drivers and chaperones could face misdemeanor charges the assemblyman hill says for the most part the party bus industry was cooperative in pushing the new law all along. this family tells me they hope this will bring awareness to families about the shortfall of this industry. reporting live in burlingame, " corcoran. >> dealing and other san jose man accused of trying to poison his girlfriend has been delayed. he was set to appear this morning but authorities are still determining just what charges to file. alissa harrison explains the bizarre circumstances surrounding this >> is shocking, it is something that you only see on television. >> she is the owner of north daycare center police say 63
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year-old resident was slowly being poisoned by her board and when you come to visit. he would allegedly sneaking in mixed drinks that he said were bought bottles of blood and water. a nurse assistant to some suspicious on friday. >> she had a bottle of water at her bedside that looked discolored. and she proceeded to smell it and that is when she found that it smelled like chlorine. >> the nursing staff tested the water and found courting in the drink. levels were higher than you would find in a swimming pool. a refrigerator in the room contained more bottles of the liquid. >> so in the last couple of days is when we believe he brought this water. >> police believe that the president might have been drinking tainted water for weeks, they arrested a 67 year- old robert locke ridge of san jose on suspicion of attempted murder. the victim never showed any signs of being sick but went to the emergency room just in case and is now back at the care center. according to the san francisco chronicle, the motive was money. police say that he wanted to get
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control of his girlfriend's finances. the district attorney's office is continuing their investigation so no official charges have been filed yet. >> the u.s. supreme court could announce as soon as today whether they will review to cases involving same-sex marriage. one of those cases in los proposition 8, that is the measure that voters approved four years ago limit a marriage to heterosexual couples. the other case involved a lawsuit filed by new york woman who claims the federal defense of marriage act is unfair to same-sex couples who were legally married _ + . a headlines for you, two suspects in custody after an early- morning burglary attempt at pg&e plant in navato. investigators say they tried to steal copper which is stored at the facility on hamilton drive. one police officer was hurt after tackling one of the suspects. for people recovering from smoke inhalation after a fire at a south san francisco duplex.
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among the injured is a police officer that was treated has already released. the fire broke out late last night near grand avenue and chestnut ave. seven people are displaced and the cause is under investigation. a man accused of trying to duck a 9 year-old girl is due in a courtroom in about one hour. a man from san fransisco was arrested saturday after police linked him to the incident friday near park side elementary school in san mateo. police say the girl asks by kicking her attacker and running back to the school. he is also suspected in two similar incidents near other schools. >> an arsenal of drugs and hidden cameras include one stuffed inside a teddy bear, part of a long list of allegations against the principle from santa clara elementary school. he appeared in court yesterday, the principle of the montague elementary school arrested on drug charges last week. investigators say that they connected with him 3-d begin website and set up a meeting at a seventh disco caltrans and
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station. they say they, of drugs at his home to charge him. >> quarter of an ounce of methamphetamine. seven pills of what is expected to be ecstasy. and does three or four vials of g 8 chi. >> lewis did not enter a plea yesterday and is now in custody on $25,000 bail at this point there's no indication of any crime involving children at the school. >> president obama calls this pin anti-american violence and assault on the ideals of the united nations. i randall pinkston at the u.n. with that story coming up. >> on the losing credibility? the controversial call by replacement referees that has nfl fans and players steaming. >> and lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center, lots of
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>> a wild fire that destroyed more than a dozen homes in san diego county is now only smoldering but gusty wind could push it back to life. cal fire says the fire burned four square miles near campo, near the mexican border. the fire is 55 percent contained after destroying 20 homes so far and another 25 are threatened. >> it is heartbreaking, >> it is hard. we do not have anything to come back to. >> firefighters yesterday found a body of an elderly man that ignored the evacuation orders. those orders are still in effect for 80 people in that area. >> camp in 2012, president obama @ mitt romney in new york this morning to discuss foreign
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policy and randall pinkston shows us that while the president spoke out against iran at the u.n., mitt romney latest plan for the future of foreign aid. >> president obama laid out his foreign policy priorities in front of the united nations general assembly. he used the speech to condemn the attack in libya that killed a u.s. ambassador and three other americans. >> today we must declare and that this violence and intolerance has no place among our united nations. >> the president also said that the united states will do whatever it takes to stop i ran from developing nuclear weapons to regional we believe that there's time and space to resolve this through diplomacy. but that time is not unlimited. >> republicans are criticizing the president for not holding meetings with foreign leaders vowed he is here. the white house says that the president speaks to heads of state on a regular basis. republican presidential nominee mitt romney delivered his own
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foreign-policy address across town at the clinton global initiatives. >> if there's one thing we learned in this election season it is that a few words from bill clinton can demand a lot of good. >> mitt romney said that he wants to change the u.s. foreign aid system, requiring countries that take development money to remove trade barriers and allow u.s. investments. >> we will couple need with trade in private investment and partnerships to empower individuals, in courage innovators, and rework entrepeneurs. >> mitt romney said that these reforms could bring stability to the middle east and other developing countries. randall pinkston, cbs news at the united nations. >> in the future californians will be able to register to vote on the same day as the election. governor jerry brown signed a bill making it legal, although this will not be available for least a couple of years. currently california cut off water registration 15 days before an election. governor brown will sign
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legislation this afternoon to legalize cars without drivers on public roads. the governor will sign the bill at the google headquarters in mountain view. google is developing technology for so-called autonomous congress. the law allows it and other companies to test the cars on public roads and allows the dmv to come up with rules governing their use. that will be interesting to see. >> members of the media will get a firsthand look at the status of the 49 stadium construction down in santa clara. as you can see this is a live look at the web camera of the construction down there, the framework is changing on a daily basis and in another development the santa clara city council will likely approve plans to hire a full-time building inspector from santa clara county to work on that city in project. as for football, the nfl replacement referees are under fire after some very questionable calls during last night's monday night game with the packers in seahawks. here is how it finished.
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seattle through a hail mary prayer for the wind and it looks like a sure-fire interception, turns into a seattle game winner, when referee said no and the other said " why not ". they could not make up their mind and 10 minutes later they gave the game to the seahawks' 14/12 which has players and fans alike calling on the league to get back the full plan referees. the nfl is standing by that call. >> p.e.t.a. lucky had it, right? >> he added all the way and the guy behind him that it takes away from them. >> taking tiny living to a whole new extreme. the controversy over new shoebox apartments in one day area city. >> beautiful autumn sunshine for the most part for the bay area, fog along the coastline but there's a hurricane brewing. we'll talk about that coming up next.
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>> take a look, a driver in russia survive an amazing crash, that truck was slammed by another one coming the other way and you could watch the driver actually fly out to. no windshield and still hanging on. somehow he landed on his feet and walks away, a little
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confused and dazed but amazingly he was not injured. lucky to be alive. >> an earthquake rocked in mendocino county, the usgs as a magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck 2 mi. northeast of ukiah around 8:15 a.m., no reports of damage or injuries. >> , or whether now, you have been here seven months? >> and i have not felt an earthquake yet. >> do not worry, you will. hopefully it is only a small one. >> people in the bay area looking good right now but in other parts of the world we have this guy standing around, category 3 hurricane, yesterday, it has weakened a little bit, but still a very powerful category 2 hurricane, sustained winds of 100 mi. per hour if you are planning to add them to buy a hot watch the latest tracking on the system, it will likely weaken. it is not a hurricane strength that is a problem but we could be talking about severe flooding
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as the system moves onshore over the weekend. watch that system as it moves onshore. outside right now the sky is clearing out very nicely, we did have dense fog early on, still patchy fog along the coast but then the tears began to warm up, 71 in concord and 77 in livermore and 62 degrees in san fransisco and 70 and sunday in san jose. lots of 80 showing up in the valleys, more than yesterday, '60s and '70s in side of the day. patchy fog and mr. sunshine and '50s and '60s. tonight dense fog likely to return along the coastline late tonight and early tomorrow morning, it could make its way inside of the bay but otherwise we should be clear in mind, 90s in the central valley for today, beautiful in the high country, 70 at lake tahoe. it looks like it will be sunny and warm for most of us today, to fog along the coastline, a sea breeze enough to keep cool but other was that the mergers are looking good with 78 degrees in san jose and 83 in morgan hill. east into mergers will into the
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80s in lines, inside of the bay not that, 72 in oakland, 65 degrees in san francisco and 82 in santa rosa. the next couple days we will warm those temperatures up, later in the week we will get hot in mind, low ninety's showing up, maybe some slight cooling over the weekend. >> sounds good. >> sounds great. >> i don't think he was attention. >> let me ask you a question, how do you define a small apartment? in san francisco the tiniest apartments could soon measure just 220 square feet and that is barely enough room for a kitchen, bathroom, and closet. patrick explains what is driving this proposal and why some are against it. >> these apartments under construction in the mission are about 300 square feet each. but there are plans to create apartments even smaller, down to 220 square feet. >> if we can build several thousand new units of housing
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specifically for that demographic, single students or single technology people than we can relieve pressure on assisted housing. >> i am optimistic that we can pass it in the next few months. >> the supervisor says that when people lose their apartments now, prices for some of the city. the building code is on the agenda today. >> it provides a less expensive option for those that wanted and for those that cannot afford anything more. >> there is opposition, overcrowding is a real concern. >> what we are concerned about is the precedent it sets. that it is ok for people to live in these very tiny shoe box apartments that some of them might be the size of a parking space. >> if the legislation moves through their could be these new smaller units going up and with rental prices going up, soon, but walls could be closing in. reporting from san fransisco, cbs 5. >> way too small for me. 225 ft.?
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>> ford get a pass a fire or a car wreck. >> the song with magical,,,,,,,,
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their premieres tonight. >> i spoke earlier with michael weather and cody public from n c i s, one of the most watched series on primetime now on season no. 10. >> the success of the show really is the combination of the procedural john rock mixed with the comedy, i think that people like to see these characters interact and i think they enjoy it. >> i think that there is also some real romantic tension. >> yes there is. >> that makes him very happy ... >> here is a look at tonight's prime-time lineup right here on cbs 5, n c i s leads off the night at 8:00 and then n c i s: los angeles and then at las vegas premiering. >> coming up tonight at 5:00, you do not need to pay a fortune for your smart-phone. >> the overlooked option that could save you $1,000 per year on your bill.
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how you can stretch your paycheck coming up tonight at 5:00. it worked for luke scott walker so what about this crying baby? >> ♪ star wars theme >> they put a cellphone next to his head and played music from star wars. at the child was just four months old at the time the video
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